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Steven Universe also Pearl Peridot Amethyst

EG or Sunset or Dazzlings or Shadowbolts

Markiplier and other Youtubers


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Oct 8, 2015
8:48 pm
Oct 8, 2015
5:22 pm
Oct 8, 2015
5:18 pm
Oct 8, 2015
5:00 pm
Oct 8, 2015
4:49 pm

So further thoughts on Back To The Barn

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2015, 8:49 PM

8:42 now it's 8:43 pm heh just oh head yet took out TH of THe almost left THE in this heh......just did fro...meh.....yet mainly this was just something that made me think. something fro put g heh just.....mainly after watching a clip and forget if fro meh heh but watching a clip and reading comments.

I'm sorry but from my experience. Seeing some certain stuff on Tumblr I love it when people go into detailed about certain things in the episode. Also some silly things as well heh. But here's a link to what I was looking up gas nah or meh heh.…

But certain things saw this in a comment below maybe that video friendship and trust heh.

but yeah......welcome to Earth........Will Smith (g fh) heh. ) oh head don't bite Peri(o) heh. friendship fro put p.

Also considering my love for Pearl is now back even higher again. Including when seeing and reading these. I feel alright and just seeing her develop along with Peridot. Just it makes me feel when I first developed a crush on Pearl or something. I'm sorry heh just I don't know. It's just this episode was strong in a sense.

Also along with me not hating Peridot or whatever heh hate's a strong word heh....just a lot of people were no they are wri right I'm stupid. Peridot was basically well....born that way. Also love the ending........

Another thing people are thinking the ending could be foreshadowing something. Just the way Steven says it it(in) wow okay heh meh wow gegh.
8:48 pm almost left 4 instead of 8 heh meh 8:48 pm oh head meh heh again meh gegh. right foot slide on wall under desk just forget other stuff meh heh ugheghuego[ ge gegh. 8:49 pm oegonnogeoge gegh.

Update 12:45 am Diet Dr. Pepper ate some chips................just saying heh. gegh. 12:46 am so heh gas nah heh gegh tv on (WO) OWN. just now wait (w) yeah put just meh. 12:47 am just autotuned to Flashpoint when(whe) it will be 1:00 am heh.......also might wanna play some (D) Advanced Warfare on ps3 small gas bubble or whatever exuse me heh 12:48 am gegh. mout heh meh gegh. gas nah heh gegh.

art and design sweetcandyteardrop
characters Rebecca Sugar
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A simple quote(Laptop fix that lol that's all hehe.) I do feel is quite strong. Including I ant to post other ones if I feel whatever.

“Think you can’t write women? Don’t. Write people and make them women.” - Lauren Faust
*Also thank you Gameboysage for showing that that's all people.:lol: Enough dang it damn it.*

My personal female cartoon crushes just to share with people.
Pearl.(Steven Universe)(Know as the meme Bird Mom)
Peridot.(Steven Universe)(Know as the meme Green Dorito)
Amethyst.(Steven Universe)(Know meme heh what)
Jasper.(Steven Universe)(Know as the meme Big Buff Cheeto Puff)
Sunset Shimmer.(Equestria Girls)
Wendy Corduroy.(Gravity Falls)(Also great spelt her last name correctly first....I'd made typos for first and fro put t...I'd put tly never mind)
Human Twilight.(Equestria Girls)
Adagio Dazzle.(Equestria Girls)
Sonata Dusk.(Equestria Girls)
Frankie Foster.(Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends)
Applejack.(Equestria Girls)
Aria Blaze.(Equestria Girls)

Steven Universe fan since Summer of 2014. Also still going too.

For anyone wondering if you noticed or asked. I wanna tell you guys I'm very Autistic honestly. Just I don't know how to see it. But if you see me repeat some certain words or actions and just.....I wanted to make sure if anyone understands. I'm also 18 years old and I like lots of things.

I love many characters such as in Steven Universe my favorites are Steven, Peridot, Connie, Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, Jasper, and Lapis Lazuli.
In a sense Steven and Peridot including what some people on the internet like to use the term my child. Then I basically would call Steven and Peridot my children even if Peridot is still on my crushes lol. I mainly find those two precious including parts of me in them but also other characters in the show too heh.

Friends(I have many but here's some more on very bottom.) :icongreendiablo: :iconslothydoll: :iconsonicfan1345: :iconfatpinkraccoon45: :iconfnaf-fanny: :iconbluewolfavenger: :iconinsomniaqueen: :iconajleefan4life: :iconwinterdominus: :iconpandasennin: :iconatrixfromice: :iconcassini90125:

Just saying no offense okay I take no requests, art trades, commissions, tags, or anything else okay.

Also a personal saying or not really a saying. But my personal thoughts. Lots of people are dicks. Whether that's just me. Sometimes I wish to be in my own special world or I think too deep......just lots of people are dicks. Or that's just them. Whether to punch them in the face, or just leave them be.

Well this is a new joke 7:54 pm. Hey everyone what time is it 7:55 pm oh no wait puppet time motha fucka 

1 deviant said What.
No deviants said AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
No deviants said The Puppet: Puppet time motha fucka!

Journal History

Some stuff I like.(Also I'd update this at times too)

Steven Universe(Thus my username and my most favorite thing).
Steven Universe,Stamp by conexionmanga Steven Universe by stampsnstuff Stamp Pearl by SugarBunnyxPink Peridot Toilet Escape by Moonlight-pendent13 Stamp Peridot by SugarBunnyxPink Peridots Plunger by Moonlight-pendent13 Stamp Amethyst by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Garnet by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Steven Universe by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp RubyxSapphire by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Lapislazuli by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Jasper by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Connie Maheswaran by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Rose Quartz by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Sardonix by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Opal by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Alexandrite by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Stevonnie by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Rainbow Quartz by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Sugilite by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Pearl by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Garnet by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Connie Maheswaran/Cuteness by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp ConniexSteven / Stevonnie by SugarBunnyxPink
I'd feel like just putting a ton of stamps here lol. Stamp Red string of fate by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Greg Universe by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp GregxRose by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Garnet by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Amatista by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Pearl by SugarBunnyxPink Stamp Steven Universe by SugarBunnyxPink Larsadie Stamp by ZinniaSnowdrop - Stamp: Crystal Gems' fusions. - by ChicaTH Garnet And Pearl Fusion, Stamp by conexionmanga SU Extended Opening: Garnet Stamp by 0palite SU Extended Opening: Amethyst Stamp by 0palite SU Extended Opening: Pearl Stamp by 0palite SU Extended Opening: Steven Stamp by 0palite

Equestria Girls.
Equestria Girls Sunset Shimmer Stamp [V3] by BelinhaMS Human Twilight Sparkle Stamp by BelinhaMS Sunset Shimmer Stamp [RR] by Tambelon Rainbow Rocks Adagio Dazzle stamp by NatouMJSonic Rainbow Rocks Sonata Stamp by NatouMJSonic Rainbow Rocks Aria Stamp by NatouMJSonic Lemon Zest Stamp by BelinhaMS The Dazzlings Stamps by NatouMJSonic Equestria Girls AppleJack Stamp by NatouMJSonic Equestria Girls Fluttershy Stamp by NatouMJSonic Equestria Girls Rarity stamp by NatouMJSonic Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash Stamp by NatouMJSonic Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie Stamp by NatouMJSonic Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle Stamp by NatouMJSonic Sour Sweet Stamp by BelinhaMS Indigo Zap Stamp by BelinhaMS Sugarcoat Stamp by BelinhaMS Sunny Flare Stamp by BelinhaMS EQGRR: Sunset Shrug Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Sunset OK... Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Gald You're Here Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: I'm Used To It Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Sunset Embarrassed Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Vinyl Thumbs Up Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Did I Get It Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Rarity Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Oh, Boys! Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Lyra and BonBon Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Applejack Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Oh, Please Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Applejack Can Play The Bass Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Video Games Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Shake You Tail Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Tension Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Adagio Dazzle Stamp by harvestcheddar EQGRR: Fruit Punch Stamp by harvestcheddar

Gravity Falls.
Gravity Falls Stamp 2013 by ScittyKitty Gravity Falls Stamp 2014 by ScittyKitty Dipper and Mabel Stamp by Aletheiia90 Mabel Stamp GF by Aletheiia90 Dipper Stamp by Aletheiia90 Wendy Stamp by LoudNoises Stamp :: Don't Leave Me Hangin' by homestucktroll123 Stamp :: Wendy Whistling by homestucktroll123 Dipper and Wendy Stamp by LoudNoises Dipper x Pacifica [STAMP] 3 by Rumay-Chian Dipper x Pacifica [STAMP] 2 by Rumay-Chian Dipper x Pacifica [STAMP] 1 by Rumay-Chian bill cipher stamp by crepuscuIar

Call Of Duty(Or what I'd like to call it the series hardly anyone cares about these days no offense. You might understand. Lol I'd haven't played the older ones sorry meh heh).
Task Force 141 Stamp by Coley-sXe Delta Stamp by Coley-sXe I Love Price by Coley-sXe I Love Soap by Coley-sXe I Love Dunn by Coley-sXe I Love Ghost by Coley-sXe I love Roach by Coley-sXe I love Ramirez by Coley-sXe I love Mac stamp by Coley-sXe I Love Makarov by Coley-sXe I Love Gaz by Coley-sXe I Love Reznov by Coley-sXe I Love Woods by Coley-sXe I love AMason stamp by Coley-sXe I Love Nikolai by Coley-sXe I Love Hudson by Coley-sXe I Love Sandman by Coley-sXe I Love Yuri by Coley-sXe I Love Harper by Coley-sXe I love Section by Coley-sXe I Love Petrenko by Coley-sXe I Love Weaver by Coley-sXe I Love Grinch by Coley-sXe Wallcroft by Coley-sXe

Halo Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps master Chief Stamp by sJ-eP Cortana Stamp by sJ-eP Arbiter Stamp by sJ-eP Halo 3 Epicness by RuthlessDreams Master Chief Stamp by tigerqueen

Gears Of War.
Gears 3_stamp_ by SheiraFenix C.Carmine stamp by LaDarkA117 Marcus Fenix Stamp by SlaveWolfy Baird Fan Stamp by SlaveWolfy Dom inside Stamp by SlaveWolfy

Five Nights At Freddy's(Also what I'd call some what the most hated series of all time....for this time or heh I'm sorry just other stuff too).
Springtrap Fan Stamp by dorcis Nightmare Fred-Bear Stamp [FNAF4] by TheQueenMox Nightmare Freddy Stamp [FNAF4] by TheQueenMox Nightmare Bonnie Stamp [FNAF4] by TheQueenMox Nightmare Chica Stamp [FNAF4] by TheQueenMox Nightmare Foxy Stamp [FNAF4] by TheQueenMox Plushtrap Stamp [FNAF4] by TheQueenMox lead singer by flaiKi bass guitarist by flaiKi backing vocalist by flaiKi discontinued by flaiKi toy Freddy by flaiKi toy Bonnie by flaiKi toy Chica by flaiKi the Mangle by flaiKi old Freddy by flaiKi old Bonnie by flaiKi old Chica by flaiKi old Foxy by flaiKi balloon Boy by flaiKi the Marionette by flaiKi old Goldy by flaiKi main attraction by flaiKi

Other Video Games.
Uncharted Stamp by konallei Sly Cooper Stamp by MeckelFoxStudio Dead Space Stamp by Destro2k TF:War for Cybertron stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed FoC Grimlock stamp by Imber-Noctis Stamp- TF2: Meet the Red Team by anime-dragon-tamer PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Stamp by Empovyle

Some movies I like.
All The Waaaay, To The Friendship Games by PinkiesPartyGirl Rainbow Rocks stamp (animated) by ShinyWhiteWaters Avengers II Stamp: Age of Ultron by TMNT-Raph-fan Guardians Of The Galaxy Stamp by SenaIzumi Star Wars Stamp by ChimeraDragonfang Jurassic Park stamp by Blue-Fox Predator Stamp by AlienVPredator Alien Stamp by AlienVPredator Aliens Stamp by AlienVPredator MARVEL The Amazing Spiderman Stamp by TwilightProwler The Iron Giant -Stamp by Dactik Jurassic World Stamp by Chimiere Inside Out Stamp: Bon Fire by TMNT-Raph-fan Big Hero 6 Stamp: Hiro and Baymax by TMNT-Raph-fan

Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends.
Fosters by AdrianaFilip Frankie Foster Stamp by LoudNoises Bloo has cookers by MarcheTheChaosAngel

Some actors I do like.
.:. Chris Pratt Stamp .:. by Rise-Of-Majora Criminal Intent - Goren Pwns by PenelopeSalt MARVEL Peter Parker Stamp by TwilightProwler Robert Downey Jr. Stamp - smile and nod by The-GreenGoblin Hugh Laurie by phoenixtsukino .: R. Sean Leonard Stamp by ShadowcatKirara Stamp - Dwayne Johnson by Moony92

Some shows I like.
STAMP House is love by Tesoro25 MacGyver Stamp by LoudNoises LOCIStamp by HappilyDeluded889 Flashpoint stamp by Shaka-malaka

Also some of my favorite Youtubers.
Markiplier: Dancing by Oreleth vanossgaming stamp by oiimi h2o delirious stamp by oiimi Jacksepticeye: Synchronize to the End! by Oreleth Jacksepticeye: STICKY BOMB! by Oreleth Markiplier: Hair Floofing by Oreleth


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