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Steven Universe

A show I will well I think I do talk about it a lot. Quite much whatever lol man hehe. Just Animal Planet on, with me watching Fosters Home S5 let me check EP11 S5 EP11. Also 1:10 AM with a DDP still have some good man

So yeah Steven Universe big fan. Also if you watch me and are a fan or even a big fan. I actually post news and updates about the show. Such as reviews of new episodes and even promo's of upcoming episodes. I don't really do much discussions or I think I haven't just nuff man. So watch me if you want. Just my journals seem to well pop up a lot. Including I mention little SU(Steven Universe) things in journals that aren't really concerned with the show. I'd do that to save for making another journal. Including it's great to see a new episode. Including give my thoughts on it.

Really I hope people join along with me. As a big fan of this show by Rebecca Sugar and the other many talented people I have just hard time remembering or spelling no offense people okay. Might wanna do discussions if anyone's involved with them. I fixed anyone's also Fro did too. Any way just saying that's all I just think some fans or hope I think just I'd like to keep up with the show. And make sure people know what's going on. And other stuff. Lord I would love to do a podcast and easter egg hunts. Yet that sounds crazy just nuff. But I don't have a Youtube account or know how to make one never mind.


Gravity Falls


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Mar 5, 2015
3:51 pm
Mar 5, 2015
2:46 pm
Mar 5, 2015
12:24 pm
Mar 5, 2015
8:08 am
Mar 4, 2015
10:22 pm
Almost left that as Marvel but just why do I feel like crying or that's just my eyes. Just I don't wanna spoil this.

BUT YES............YES>>>>>>>>>>>>........forget that just YES YES YES>...........YES!

I feel just wow. So yeah episode was nice. Guess some development. Quite some silly moments but just oh my God.............OH MY GOD MY WISH SOME WHAT CAME TRUE!

Let me open a new screen here's a video that's real interesting from Amazing Spider Man.… Good God I think I'm legit crying now. What the fuck man just what the fuck. okay some little CN thing on tv last week's episode just I wanna fucking post this. I can't make some what a proper review theirs pizza waiting.
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By username or GGL11 ummm okay.
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United States
A simple quote(Laptop fix that lol that's all hehe.) I do feel is quite strong. Including I ant to post other ones if I feel whatever.

“Think you can’t write women? Don’t. Write people and make them women.” - Lauren Faust
*Also thank you Gameboysage for showing that that's all people.:lol: Enough dang it damn it.*

And a video that wow. Mentions of Sevenwebheads, Comicbookcast, Venom2000000 checked it.… By Amazing Spider Man checked again. And remember the term. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. So please check out these guys channels and more if your into well comic book stuff and just amazing video man okay.

Personal favorite characters well let me go to the comments secetion to try some things made a spelling error hehe. -m-;

:iconsupearlplz: :iconsuamethystplz: :icongarnet-plz: :iconstevenuniverseplz: :iconspideyplz: :iconsunsetshimmerplz: :icondipperpinesplz: :iconmabelpinesplz: :iconwendy-plz: :iconironmanplz: :iconcaptainamericaplz: :iconultronplz: :iconslycooperplz: :iconissacclarkeplz: :iconnathandrakeplz: :iconmasterchiefplz: :iconmarcusfenixplz: :iconsirdanielfortesque: :iconparappaplz: Other fave video game characters too yes. Such as Dom, Baird, Cole, and Clayton from Gears Of War.
Also these girls here. :iconadagiodazzleplz: :iconariablazeplz: :iconsonataduskplz: Used the comment thing seriously okay copied this but why do I like but what ha? Also what about this guy? :iconbillcipherplz: Oh so many others ha ha.

Will mention some of my favorite female characters.
1. Pearl.(Steven Universe.).
2. Amethyst.(Steven Universe.).
3. Garnet.(Steven Universe.).
4. Sunset Shimmer.(MLP FIM/Equestria Girls.).
5. Wendy Corduroy.(Gravity Falls.).
4. Korra.(Legend Of Korra.)
5. Star Butterfly.(Star VS The Forces Of Evil.).
6. Peridot.(Steven Universe.)
7. Lapis Lazuli.(Steven Universe.)
8. Sonata Dusk.(Equestria Girls.).
9. Adagio Dazzle.(Equestria Girls.).
10. Aria Blaze.(Equestria Girls.).
11. Applejack.(Equestria Girls.).
12. Mabel Pines.(Gravity Falls.).
13. Jenny Wakeman/XJ9.(My Life As A Teenage Robot.)
14. Callie Briggs.(Swat Kats.)
15. Frankie Foster.(Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends.).
16. Asami Sato.(Legend Of Korra.)
17. Dr. Paula Hutchinson.(Rocko's Modern Life.)
18. Cloudy Jane/CJ.(Regular Show.)
19. Sylvia.(Wander Over Yonder.).
20. Connie.(Steven Universe.).
21. Panty Anarchy.(Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt/PSG/PASWG.)
22. Scanty Corset.(Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt/PSG/PASWG.)
23. Stocking Anarchy.(Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt/PSG/PASWG.)
24. Kneesocks Corset.(Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt/PSG/PASWG.)
25. Vega.(My Life As A Teenage Robot.)
26. Misty.(My Life As A Teenage Robot.)

Friends(I have many but here's some more on very bottom.) :iconchowderluv: :iconwinterdominus: :iconpandasennin: :iconajleefan4life: :iconsuperrux123: :iconjarredspekter: :iconatrixfromice: :iconcassini90125: :iconnyanferb:… So new screen and honestly like a comment said well never mind. This should be a meme. "FUCK YOU AND FUCK-" well anything or whatever ha ha man okay.

Just saying no offense okay I take no requests, art trades, commissions, tags, or anything else okay.

old stuff
hi everyone this is sonicladiesman11 :iconnoblooplz: :iconbloolaplz:

: dev username: Without spaces. GeekGemLadiesman11 Thanks again :iconblue-spritz: for showing it again. This time without me seeing the journal preview.

(I copied this and had problems like deleted a bit from that quote part. But I'm trying to make this ID look a bit cleaner. Also deleted some other things. So here people.)

Advanced Warfare umm so 

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