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Apr 21, 2015
5:50 am
Apr 21, 2015
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Apr 20, 2015
9:24 pm
Apr 20, 2015
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Apr 20, 2015
4:35 pm
Okay I got distracted by watching Jaeroar and the fact his reaction also review of the special Imax Batman V Superman trailer. And the whole end credits scene with Spider-Man in Age Of Ultron. Found out in the comments below it's fake. Did fro meh. But I was hoping to find some promos or just promo video for next week's episodes of Star Vs The Forces Of(of) Evil. But none and went on Wikipedia didn't show the episode titles heh. Yet did got one of the titles wrong for today's (d) episode did fro do something never mind. But hey guys(le). I felt like talking of the what could still be coming soon Five Nights At Freddy's. Almost left At before nights man okay man. That's (k) just me let me talk about it.

Really it's nothing serious. Yet for some reason I feel if and when this movie would be picked up from the ground heh. No offense I mean I feel like it would need even more hype(r) around it. Like some certain stuff. Honestly it's (s) weird to say because I mean no offense. The FNAF fandom is just flat out huge. And I predict for some theatres. Their would be actual lines.......I'm not kidding people. Like I feel it would be like the hype(hp) for it might be one of those big(low I low) movies. Like(Lke) what happens with Star Wars and also Harry(A Ga Happ) Potter. Mainly the 2nd part of the final movie.

But I feel like for the cast and crew to like be connected(connectd) with the fans. I feel like also Scott could tease some things. Because honestly that to me gets people more hyped and the fans trusting you a bit or(o) whatever heh. But some people have done this with some movies. And I think it's a nice idea.

This is very weird of(h) how I'm(I"m) discussing it. Let me make this better.

Think of this as a example. Imagine this, well Scott has a official Twitter now and what else heh no offense people. Or someone who is working on the film. They show us a picture of maybe the animatronics heads like the original four, like they are developing them, building them. Keep going and another picture would be of maybe Scott(With his face maybe covered) or maybe the same person or maybe the main actor is standing maybe between or next to all four of the animatronics. They look finished and we see of just how tall are they compared to humans.

Another idea is of a countdown to the first trailer. For example Monday you reveal the poster for maybe but yeah the main actor who ever is in(it) this movie. Tuesday we have a poster revealing Bonnie. Wensday a poster revealing Chica. And as it goes the hype increases. Thursday you have a poster revealing Foxy and the hype really increases because your showing the animatronics now. And finally the final poster revealing Freddy Fazbear the mother fucker himself. And(and) that day the trailer is posted online and premaires at any theatre.

Honestly here are some ideas. I really don't know of what the movie will be based upon. Whether we will see it through the focus of Mike Schmidt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, or lord maybe even the nameless guard in FNAF3 no(o) offense man heh heh okay guys okay. It could be a new character. To me personally I find this film to be risky. Why you may ask heh okay then. Mainly(Mayb) because the FNAF series is so let's say so many things in it. And the fandom is what keeps it going. And it's huge, and that for some or many people would be new to it. So it actually has to be like the best movie for everyone. Which is why I only mentioned the original four animatronics. Didn't mention Golden Freddy because it would be showing too much I think heh.

Also the idea of it mainly focusing on the night guard for legit five nights. Honestly no offense guys heh. I feel like it might go that route a bit. Because I feel it be some what difficult for some other stuff. Yet to make sure it doesn't feel the same. Like have the character get out of the office at times, walking around the place, maybe(maybing maying) searching for clues or something. Because I personally feel they would focus on giving this guard character a back story, his life, why he chose the job, why he's staying.

Listen we don't know much but these are just some stuff on my mind. Really it's videos by Razz and 8(*)Bit Gaming that got(e) me thinking. I have 8BitGaming's video gallery on another screen. I'll add maybe the two videos.…… The two videos by 8BitGaming Razz is(in) in the 2nd one.

Honestly for some reason felt like talking about(a b) this. Because it makes me think. And I just wanted a promo for next weeks episode of SVTFOE........left index finger nail hit(hait a ha hai) button never mind that. It's 11:19 PM breathing good. But yeah random talk.
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By username or GGL11 ummm okay.
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A simple quote(Laptop fix that lol that's all hehe.) I do feel is quite strong. Including I ant to post other ones if I feel whatever.

“Think you can’t write women? Don’t. Write people and make them women.” - Lauren Faust
*Also thank you Gameboysage for showing that that's all people.:lol: Enough dang it damn it.*

And a video that wow. Mentions of Sevenwebheads, Comicbookcast, Venom2000000 checked it.… By Amazing Spider Man checked again. And remember the term. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. So please check out these guys channels and more if your into well comic book stuff and just amazing video man okay.

Personal favorite characters well let me go to the comments secetion to try some things made a spelling error hehe. -m-;

:iconsupearlplz: :iconsuamethystplz: :icongarnet-plz: :iconstevenuniverseplz: :iconspideyplz: :iconsunsetshimmerplz: :icondipperpinesplz: :iconmabelpinesplz: :iconwendy-plz: :iconironmanplz: :iconcaptainamericaplz: :iconultronplz: :iconslycooperplz: :iconissacclarkeplz: :iconnathandrakeplz: :iconmasterchiefplz: :iconmarcusfenixplz: :iconsirdanielfortesque: Other fave video game characters too yes. Such as Dom, Baird, Cole, and Clayton from Gears Of War.
Also these girls here. :iconadagiodazzleplz: :iconariablazeplz: :iconsonataduskplz: Used the comment thing seriously okay copied this but why do I like but what ha? Also what about this guy? :iconbillcipherplz: Oh so many others ha ha.

Wanna personally mention.....I'm Autistic....I think I show it quite a lot....I don't know forget the smiles. Just I am. I try to get over it at times just stupid face at times ugh man. I mean I act weird ugh man.

Have lots of female characters.

Friends(I have many but here's some more on very bottom.) :iconchowderluv: :icongreendiablo: :iconwinterdominus: :iconpandasennin: :iconajleefan4life: :iconsuperrux123: :iconjarredspekter: :iconatrixfromice: :iconcassini90125: :iconnyanferb:

I wanna tell you guys I'm a fan of a lot of things. Mainly I'm a huge fan and supporter of the Cartoon Network show named/called Steven Univere, created by Rebecca Sugar. Including as I make drawings, have some ideas, and share news and try to look out for more news or other stuff as well. Which is something I should try doing more at times ha.

Just saying no offense okay I take no requests, art trades, commissions, tags, or anything else okay.

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hi everyone this is sonicladiesman11 :iconnoblooplz: :iconbloolaplz:

: dev username: Without spaces. GeekGemLadiesman11 Thanks again :iconblue-spritz: for showing it again. This time without me seeing the journal preview.

(I copied this and had problems like deleted a bit from that quote part. But I'm trying to make this ID look a bit cleaner. Also deleted some other things. So here people.)

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this is fucking difficult favorite gaming system of this gen. 

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